About Us

Giant Pandas are currently on IUCN's Red List as an endangered species. According to WWF, less than 1,800 Pandas exist in the wild today. One of the main reasons that Pandas have become endangered is because of habitat destruction. A Panda's habitat consists of their main diet: Bamboo. Without a significant amount of living space and food to survive off of, Pandas have been dying rapidly over the past century. As the population of China continues to grow, the Panda's habitat has been taken over by development, forcing them to live in smaller and less healthy areas. 

In the future, we hope to donate 15% of our net profits in an effort to make sure that humans and Pandas can coexist peacefully.

Hai Panda is an e-commerce based retailer that strives to provide the most virtuous aspects of commercial and charitable practices into a business.

Our mission is to provide warmhearted, upstanding individuals with high quality products. Our aspirations give us the ability to to serve as a bridge between the preservation of such a gentle creature and a community of faithful patrons.

Good products, for an even better cause. That's Hai Panda.